About Me

There's a bit about me at the book link beneath.



(Few years ago!)

Here's our son Jack. Helping me to write my book Excel VBA in Easy Steps .

Here you can just see him? converting for St Paul's.

Oh - and I have a small computer training school.

kensington college

email : ed@una.co.uk

How did this site arise? I started teaching a nameless student some C++ and we decided to do a bit of CG together as well. He would teach me a bit of Maya in return.
He just got a II I in CG and I'm very proud of him. :-) Well done Paul!

And thenga.co.uk ? I bought the site name and some hosting space for her but she's not interested at the moment. One day she might be. So meanwhile.....


We're very sad to say that Thenga passed away recently (Feb 2016). She never did get to use the website. Jack and I miss her loads. I know she cares more about us than herself - even now!