Why is this site called Thenga? Tell you later.

Often, the most difficult part of learning about various features of CG (Computer Graphics) is actually getting started.

This is the objective of this site - to show people how to get started with these various CG packages and techniques.

It is by no means comprehensive and I'd better warn you that I am not a graphics person! The only thing that I have in common with David Gould is that I am Australian. The differences between us is that he has the common sense to live on the Gold Coast whilst I'm in London - and he knows infinitely more than I do about CG!

This site attempts to introduce the following areas of CG.


RenderMan API

Maya C++ API



Math and Physics

All of these are assuming Windows XP/Windows 7 so that you can get started, presumably on your PC at home.
If you want to get more serious you'll have to do the conversion to Unix.

About Me


To Do: Some of this stuff is a bit scrappy and not properly re-tested eg setting up the Maya API . I need to spend some more time.I should put up an intro to openGL. Any requests? I do have stacks of notes, but bear in mind the objective - to get started.

link to school:


C++ Manual Part1

C++ Manual Part2

C++ Manual Part3

C++ Manual Part4

C++ Manual Part5

Using Odegaard